Working Together for Better Results

CCI tools help you in clinical decision making with personalized measure-based guidance.

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Clinician Benefits with CCI

  • Better care - use measure-based guidance to aid your clinical decisions.
  • Reduce burden - CCI tools shift routine burdens away from your office.
  • Improve job satisfaction - CCI tools and education materials give you the time and opportunity to use your best clinical skills.
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Patient Benefits with CCI

  • Initiative - become a more active agent in your care.
  • Speak so clinicans will listen - Pre-assessment reports use quantitative measures to amplify your voice and make it easier for the care team to hear you.
  • Improve your knowledge - Learn about concordance, collaborative care plans, and new resources.
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Patient Highlights

Learn About Collaborative Care

Access free tutorials and information on principles of Collaborative Care and how measure-based guidance can help your care team.

Tools You Can Use

Track progress and organize information ahead of visits to create time to talk about what matters most to you.

Discover Other Resources

Links to information, books and other useful resources


Patient Resources

  • Downloadable paper tools
  • Daily mood chart
  • Instructions for writing your own collaborative care plan
  • Books and articles
  • Helpful sites

Clinician Resources

  • Waiting room self-report form
  • Clinician monitoring form
  • Template for writing collaborative care plans
  • Books and articles
  • Helpful sites

Clinican Highlights

Enhance Your Practice

  • Follow formal measures without effort.
  • Unlock additional tools with eClinical Assistant.

Improve Your Workflow

  • Collect routine information from patients at home.
  • Review complex information at-a-glance.
  • Create time for skilled clinical work.

Accelerate Your Note

  • eClinical Assistant enters patient reported information into smart note templates.
  • You can edit, save and print.
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