Getting started with CCI:

Problems you know:

As the essence of their clinical practice, doctors collect information and apply judgment to produce a diagnosis and treatment plan. The need to execute and document these processes in short time intervals creates challenges for both clinicians and patients. The burden and distortions associated with trying fit complex work flows into brief visits can reduce the quality of your care and limit the number of patients you can manage.

How Can CCI help?

CCI offers a suite of tools designed to support your delivery of systematic individual care. How can CCI Collaborative Care model reduce the burden and raise the quality of the care you deliver?

  1. First, CCI patient facing tools collect information from patients before their office visit. Routine information is collected and for review at your convenience. Patients log onto the secure CCI site and complete computer administered interactive interviews which gather basic information and score commonly used formal rating scales.
  2. Second, pre-assessment reports make it easy to be better prepared for patient visits because key information and measure-based guidance is organized into intuitive “at-a-glance” displays. This time saving process gives you more opportunity to deliver the benefit of your expertise and experience to every individual in your practice.
  3. Third, CCI offers smart templates that draw information from patient reports into an editable draft note. Your finalized note can be entered into the patient’s paper or electronic record.

Reports do not include patient names and can be shared with other designated members of the patient’s care team without the risk associated with typical hard copy records.

Shift, sift and prepare:

By shifting the collection of routine information from the clinic office to the patient’s home and sifting the data into clinically relevant forms, the CCI pre-assessment process helps you prepare for visits and compose your notes. CCI provides measure-based guidance you deliver the benefit of your expertise and experience to every individual in your practice.

Can I start using CCI in my practice?

CCI is currently in Beta testing. CCI is now offering Beta user accounts to clinicians in exchange for their feedback to our developers and your acceptance of the user agreement (e.g. recognition that beta products often have errors, a promise not to copy, decompile, or develop a competing product).