The Collaborative care Initiative was founded by Gary Sachs, MD as a private company to help clinicians and patients work together. This website is intended as a means of supplying methods, tools and informational resources members can use to implement a collaborative care approach with their care providers. CCI encourages an individualized systematic approach to care which combines shared clinical decision making with measure-based guidance.

Many patients with conditions like mood and anxiety disorders and their supports often find traditional clinical service models frustrating and are looking for more effective ways to work with their care providers.

There is no single right way to practice collaborative care. The CCI model is designed to facilitate patient-clinician collaboration as they work together to establish concordance and optimize an individual’s care. CCI principles emphasize respect for the differing preferences and needs of patients. As a member you can explore the site and choose options best suited to you. You may want to download a few tools and try “doing it on your own”, subscribe to electronic tools developed by CCI, and/or use links to other resources. We encourage you to explore and get started with the option you find most appealing.

You are invited to join CCI.

Members have access to the secure CCI website where they can learn about the CCI care model, obtain tools for measure-based guidance and find supporting information necessary for successful collaborative practice.

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